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May 7

Why Hire College Student Painters

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Student labor is a great alternative these days when selecting someone to do general labor tasks around the home.  College students fill a variety of positions, both in the spring and the summer.  Many of these jobs fall in the customer service categories such as restaurant or retail jobs.  Other college students seek out general labor type positions such as painting, window cleaning and landscaping.  These jobs often pay well and have a variety of job sites that are worked on.

One company that specializes in employing college students is College Pro Painters.  You may ask “why should I choose college student painters from College Pro Painters?”  Many people appreciate a company that has been in business since 1971, that has a 2-year written warranty, or proven systems over four decades.  Others like the idea of helping a college student gain some experience and work their way through college.   One thing is for certain, College Pro Painters has the experience and network to make it happen whether you’re in New York or Oregon.  People can become inspired by working with college students and catching a glimpse of what will come with the next generation of business leaders.  It can also become somewhat of a nostalgic experience as homeowners can reflect back on their time as a college student, and can recall dreams and aspirations from the past.

Why Hire College Student Painters - College Pro Painters

College Pro Painters serves a niche in the residential and small commercial painting markets that no other competitor fulfills.  If you are looking for a long lasting, old fashioned brush and roll house painting job, College Pro offers unparalleled service and customer satisfaction.  College students work hard to provide you with a great product to earn great feedback and ratings from you.  Painters who work with College Pro are selected for their attention to detail, work, and academic performance.  These painters are taught to have pride in their workmanship and stay on the job until you are satisfied.  You know they will be respectful both to you and to your home.  A better question for you to ask would be, “why shouldn’t I choose college student painters from College Pro Painters?”

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