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Mar 12

Why Choose College Pro Painters?

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By: Nikki Borkhuis, College Pro alumni


At College Pro Painters, we’ve got what you want – high quality work, at a competitive price.  Our team is made up of energetic student painters and extensively trained young entrepreneurs. Our vision to our customers states it perfectly: “For those who have shown belief in our entrepreneurs: To deliver a service that will be recommended to others.”

Our painters are students who live and work in your community and are looking to earn money during their free time while going to school. All of our employees have been carefully screened and technically trained, and are also given the proper guidance to ensure that they complete a high quality job. The franchise owners are trained extensively throughout the winter and spring on all aspects of business management. Our management and training program has been called a “Real World MBA” with over 40 years of proven success and is now recognized as a Stage 5 Learning Organization—the highest level possible.

College Pro Painters was established in 1971 and currently operates in 32 states across the U.S. and 9 provinces in Canada; over 700 franchise owners operate businesses in North America. In 2012, we painted over 20,000 homes across North America.

A homeowner should consider College Pro Painters for numerous reasons. With our track record and years of experience, we are able to offer many benefits – you learn by doing, right?  Because of our size as an organization, College Pro Painters is able to provide accident coverage providing a liability free work site. With a mostly college-student labor force we are able to provide competitive pricing with quality products. Students are reliable, experienced and trained to do a thorough job. They are also dedicated and motivated to make money during school. With our free written estimates there is no confusion around price or details, and our two year warranty is clearly outlined.  We also have year-round customer service support. We present references and client manuals at the estimate which showcases our previous work. Our sign-on, sign-off policy requires quality workmanship obligating the students to the written proposals and guaranteeing homeowner satisfaction; the job is not complete until 100% of the proposal has been completed. College Pro Painters is also able to provide minor maintenance and customized surface preparation, extending the life of the paint job.

We hope to see the yellow and blue signs of College Pro Painters in your community this summer!



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