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Aug 10

What to expect when hiring a painting contractor

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Let’s face it – contractors have a bad rap. Everyone has a contractor horror story. “They left my deck half built for weeks while they finished another job” or “they took a huge deposit and never came back” or “when I tried to call in my warranty I found out the company doesn’t exist anymore”. It’s a tough world out there when you are trying to hire help. College Pro Painters tries to address these contractor bloopers by systemizing a painting experience so that not only the end product looks great but hopefully, as a homeowner you are satisfied with your contractor experience as a whole.

What to expect when hiring a painting contractor - College Pro Painters

If you put your trust in College Pro Painters you can be certain to receive service of a different kind. Some differentiating factors you can expect from College Pro Painters Franchise Managers:

1)      When they come into your home to give you an estimate they will bring you what is called a “Client Manual” that has everything from references, to before and after pictures to FAQs. This allows you to read up on any information you want to know about the company or the paint products while they are measuring your home.

2)      Once they have all the information they need, College Pro Painters will give you a detailed written quote. Not a number on the back of a business card but a full contract with the price and the details of the job.

3)      The price we quote is exact. What this means is a College Pro Painters franchise manager will not come back to you halfway through the job to ask for more money. The price is the price. We stand by that.

4)      Once the painters are working on your jobsite, they will remain on that site consecutive days until the job is complete. College Pro Painters don’t move their crew to the next job until yours is 100% complete. At that point they will complete a thorough walk around with you prior to collecting payment.

5)      Deposit – 10%. The deposit is big enough that you are secured into the schedule but not outrageous by any means. The remaining 90% won’t be collected until you are satisfied with the work.

6)      Once the work has been completed in full, our call centre will give you a follow up call to ensure your satisfaction with the job. Follow up is key with College Pro Painters. We have been in business for over 40 years and plan on servicing many more customers in the future.

So, if you are interested in getting painting work done, College Pro is a great option for you. With some service details that really separate it from other businesses, College Pro Painters is not your normal contractor. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a contractor story to brag about?



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