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Dec 29

These parents did not have any College Pro Painters complaints:

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Owning a College Pro Painters franchise is a big commitment for anyone who chooses to spend their summer running a small business. As much as College Pro trusts the opinions and choices of the students involved, we also appreciate having the support of parents. College Pro is a summer-long commitment and we do not want any College Pro Painters complaints, therefore it’s best for the family to be informed before their student makes the commitment.

College Pro likes having parents involved in the application process, so they can ask questions, find out more information, and help to ensure the choice is right for their child. Many parents are surprised to not have any College Pro Painters complaints after the initial startup and throughout the entire process. That is because our goal is to have no College Pro complaints and make this venture successful for everyone who is willing to challenge themselves. Learn more from other College Pro Parents here.

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