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Oct 12

The Power of Appreciation: More than just being thankful

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By: Rachel Lyda – College Pro Window Cleaning Franchisee

The Power of Appreciation - More than just being thankful - College Pro

How many times this week have you told somebody you appreciate them? Does it amount to the times you have said “thank you”? If you are like me, the habitual act of appreciating people isn’t something you naturally remember to do. Not that I am not an appreciative person, but I often forget to verbalize that appreciation to the people who mean the most to me. As a part of Western culture, most of us were raised with manners, especially to say thank you when something is done or given to us. But were we ever taught the defining aspects of appreciation?


As a College Pro franchisee, I decided to make appreciating people one of the central attributes of my business. I did not want to make it all about appreciating the financial part of the business either. Of course, it is easy to appreciate life, and people in it, when things were going well. I wanted to strive to appreciate even the rough times so that when things turned up again, I would begin to appreciate the good times for what they were worth instead of taking them for granted. There were countless times this summer that my employees worked considerably longer than they were planning on that day and still went out marketing after even though they were completely drained of energy. They were punctual, joyful, hardworking and effective and took interest in every customer they worked for. It is hard to put into words how much I appreciated them.


At the start of the summer, I decided to not accept tips when I worked on the job site, so that my two employees could benefit more as a way to show my appreciation for their time. Even though they did not know all of the extra things I did outside of the jobsite to make everything happen, I did my best to be an employer who did not lead out of entitlement but in order to teach and also learn from the people under me. During the times where business was slow, I took the time to find things I appreciated in my employees and tell them that. By doing so, it created a positive atmosphere that served as a great buffer to the things that were happening outside of our control and kept us motivated. I hope after reading this, you will have gained a further understanding of the importance of appreciation.


Appreciation empowers people to recognize their strengths, goals, dreams, and ultimately, value their self worth. Everyone craves the feeling of being important. Beginning to show those around you that you truly appreciate them will make a visible difference in your life as an entrepreneur, and, matter of factly, as a human as well.

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