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Jun 18

The Advantages of Owning a College Pro Franchise

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map College ProFor aspiring entrepreneurs, owning a College Pro franchise is a great opportunity. Outside of starting your own business, young adults have few opportunities to run their very own business. Because it’s so difficult to secure financing without a proven track record, the chance of gathering start-up capital is difficult if not impossible, especially in today’s market. College Pro gives franchisees an opportunity to develop business and personal skills in a real-world environment. Part of the College Pro success revolves around the strong training and support network young business owners receive throughout the relationship. The skills honed create stepping stones to even higher achievements. The program has produced no shortage of franchisees who point to College Pro as the reason for their success in the business world today.

No amount of studying can prepare a student for some of today’s business challenges, but it helps. Putting theory into practice is a good way to make that transfer from the classroom to the real world. Owning a College Pro franchise helps young business owners prepare for, and manage their own business. Successful candidates go through  a rigorous training program before operating their own franchise, and through training and mentoring, College Pro franchisees learn how to measure financial results and use these to set goals. Franchisees learn best practices for hiring and training employees, managing inventory, resolving customer complaints and performing community outreach. As with any business owner, College Pro franchisees face new challenges every day―mistakes happen,  projects are delayed, employees call in sick. The advantage to owning a College Pro franchise to starting your own business is the support network ready to give you a helping hand to guide you through some of the inevitable challenges.

Beyond the concrete business experience, it’s what young entrepreneurs learn about themselves in the process that can carry them into future success. What are you good at and what are you great at? Do your time-management skills and strong work ethic enable you to successfully balance a heavy workload? Can you prioritize in a way that meets the demands of the business as well as the needs of your personal life? Do you excel at driving top-line sales and building a happy customer base? Or are you best at managing the bottom line and hiring the right employees for the job? These are questions that we can only discover through hands-on business experience. The advantage of experiencing this challenge as a College Pro franchisee is that you’re not alone in the process. Business professionals acting as mentors provide the feedback necessary to help you succeed both personally and professionally.

The College Pro system is designed to ensure the success of young entrepreneurs. The company’s core purpose, ‘together, realizing potentials’, guides young adults along their professional and personal development path.

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