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Feb 12

Setting real life goals and sticking to them, how College Pro can help

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As anyone who completes a summer of student training with College Pro will tell you, the act of setting goals and following through with them are one of the most crucial elements of success.  Every part of the internship involves goal setting, from breaking down marketing goals to setting interview goals for painters.  What becomes evident after completing the student training program is that students are left with a strong sense of how to set real life goals, and how to stick with them.  These are lessons that help make College Pro alumni so successful in the real world.

The goal setting process begins at the first student training session with big picture end of year goals.  These are then broken down into two types of goals – proximal goals and weekly goals.  Proximal goals are goals that are typically in 1-2 month segments and are treated as benchmark goals for which to strive.  Weekly goals will add up to the proximal goals, and help give direction for what needs to be accomplished during the week.  Students who consistently set and achieve their weekly goals in College Pro typically go on to hit their proximal and year-end goals.

Another core element of goal setting that is stressed during the student training program in College Pro is how to set SMART goals.  SMART is an acronym for Shared, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-based.  Each goal that is set fits into the above categories, which helps make sure the goals are grounded in reality and aren’t out of reach for the person setting the goals.  That being said, students in College Pro will typically also go out and set Inspirational Goals that are above and beyond the SMART goals, to give them something big to strive for.

In summary, there is a reason so many College Pro alumni go on to have such successful careers in the real world.  Having gone through the student training program with College Pro, they learned first hand how to set meaningful goals, and, just as important, how to stick to them!

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