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Apr 19

Real Life Experience With College Pro Painters: A New Perspective

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“A little perspective, like a little humor, goes a long way.” – Allen Klein

Real life experience really does go a long way. I personally felt this when I ran a seasonal business with College Pro Painters while I was in my 3rd year of university. College Pro was a whole new environment where I really got rewarded for my results versus just working an hourly job. This really changed my perspective on life, how the world works and how you can make money as an adult.

The two main shifts in perspective were:

The value of an hour- I had grown up thinking you work and make money per hour. The only way to make more money I thought was to get a higher wage position. After my first season running my business I had profited 5 times the earnings I had made the previous year working similar hours (3 jobs vs 1 business). This really shifted my view of what I could do in an hour. The more College Pro Painters taught me and the more I grew as a leader the more I could lead teams of people (which I really enjoyed). Operating 6-10 employees I was definitely making more money than I knew to be possible. I will forever struggle to go back to viewing an hour = a specific $. The idea of leverage is so powerful.

The value of a dollar- College Pro Painters is marketed as a summer management opportunity. I knew that the flip side of opportunity of being in management was that I was going to have to work very hard. A day in the life of a College Pro manager can be hectic at best and be frustrating beyond belief at the worst. Some days I worked incredibly hard to ensure customers were happy and the jobs got completed. I literally shed blood, sweat and tears for every dollar I earned. I have a new understanding for work ethic and what it takes to be successful.

These shifts in perspective that College Pro has given me have really allowed me make informed decisions about the work I do now. Where do I want to spend my time? How do I want to make my money? The value of an hour and a dollar carry new meaning to me as I go into the future.


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