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Jun 6

How to maximize Pinterest for your business

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By: Kristy Nieboer, Media & Marketing Intern


Target Market

When creating a Pinterest page, every board and pin that is posted must be of interest to your market. Pinterest itself has a lot of female users (Pinterest Stats), which helps users easily narrow their own market. College Pro has a wide market,pinterest - college pro as its employees are students, but its customers are typically adult homeowners. The benefit of Pinterest is that you can have multiple boards, each directed at a specific group of people, but not necessarily directed at your whole market. The key is to have at least one board intended for each section of your market.

Board Relevance

After extensive research and exploration of other pages, as well as personal use, I can conclude that the boards on your Pinterest page do not need to be relevant to your company. However, relevant boards that are of common interest among Pinterest users are very beneficial. Because College Pro Painters and Window Cleaning fall under the home improvement category, our company page has an advantage on Pinterest. Boards such as paint colours, exterior and interior painting, and painting tips are all in relation to College Pro Painters, and also are of interest to the average female homeowner. Boards such as DIY organization are not in How to maximize Pinterest for your business - College Prodirect relation to College Pro Painters or Window Cleaning, but do apply to our target market, as well as the average Pinterest user.

Company Culture

A concept I found most interesting about Pinterest for companies is to represent your company culture on your Pinterest page. To display College Pro’s culture, I created boards of Painters and Window Cleaners in the field. Another board displays quotes, which the average College Pro employee would find inspiring, motivational, or funny. Yet to come is a board that displays the humor that exits within the College Pro community.

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