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Jun 9

Great Summer Job Ideas From College Pro

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Job and internship opportunities fill university newspapers when summer rolls around. While most of us want to take a break and have a great time, building work experience and earning money are also high priorities. With College Pro, you can have all three. Painting is a demanding job that requires a lot of patience, but working together with a team of other young adults to accomplish a common goal can be rewarding. You will not only gain valuable business experience, but also develop your resume by identifying your core competencies. Your personal strengths stand out in the face of new challenges. When you know what they are―strong interpersonal skills, good time management or the ability to organize a heavy workload―you can focus on developing them. College Pro can make this challenge fun.

Business majors and overachievers might want a rigorous summer challenge. If running your own business sounds like an opportunity you’re ready to accept, consider applying to become a College Pro franchise manager. Different from the various internships available to college students throughout the summer months, College Pro offers you the chance to earn money. For many young entrepreneurs, this is an important motivating factor. Be prepared to undergo a lengthy interview process as well as a demanding training program. College Pro strives to set young entrepreneurs up for success. Making sure you’re prepared to meet the challenge is an important step in the process.

If you’re looking for more of a work/play balance, apply to work as a College Pro painter. Painting offers more benefits than meets the eye. For people eager to enjoy the summer sun, painting allows you to spend the day outdoors. The new friends we make during summer breaks often turn into lasting friendships. As a College Pro painter, you’ll be collaborating with many young adults on a daily basis. When the day is over, most painters won’t need to go home and study. Celebrating a successful day at work is one of the benefits of participating in the working world. After surveying a job well-done with your colleagues, you can head to the beach to catch sunset or to the pizza parlor for a slice of pie. It won’t be all on-the-job fun.

Contact College Pro or talk to a career counselor at your university to see which position most closely meets your needs.

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