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Aug 11

Exterior House Painting Tips from College Pro Painters

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College Pro PaintersCollege Pro Painters, the largest student run painting company in North America understands the importance of sufficiently prepping exterior surfaces before painting. College Pro Painters is committed to using only the highest quality paint and materials and guarantees a beautiful exterior paint project. Here are some of the frequently asked exterior paint prepping questions our franchisees hear from their customers:

How do I eliminate exterior cracking and flaking from my home?

College Pro Painters have found this problem is most likely caused by the coating.  Common culprits are alkyd enamel or latex primer which is applied as a top coat before the undercoat is fully dried. This common problem is solved by removing the outer layer of damaged surface by scraping and sanding, then applying a high-quality oil-based primer. Once that is dry, paint can be applied.

How do I avoid exterior peeling?

Exterior paint begins to peel when it is exposed to excessive moisture or has been applied to a dirty surface. Sometimes peeling occurs when low-quality paint is used or the incorrect mixture of paint is applied (combining oil based paint over a wet surface). College Pro Painters caution the only way to avoid this issue is to remove the peeling paint, thoroughly prep the surface and apply a high quality acrylic latex exterior paint.

How do I remove and prevent mildew buildup?

Mildew buildup is often caused by prolonged exterior exposure to moisture with very little direct sunlight. Commonly, this is seen by College Pro Painters on walls with northern exposure and under eaves. Mildew can also be a result of poor priming to wood surfaces before painting. College Pro Painters will treat this with a mixture of water and bleach and leave it to sit for about 20 minutes. This process is repeated until the mildew is gone, at which point the surface will be treated with exterior latex primer followed by high-quality paint.

These are just a few of the common problems College Pro Painters sees on a daily basis, although exterior prep issues can be frustrating to homeowners, College Pro franchisees and painters are highly skilled and trained to quickly and easily diagnose your exterior home ailment and proceed with the best and most effective way to fix the problem and guarantee that it all necessary precautions are taken so the issue does not reoccur.

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