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Jul 18

Exterior House Painting: DIY or a Job for College Pro Painters?

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COLLEGE PROMaybe it’s about that time…your home’s exterior paint is chipping, fading, or hanging on to that color which might have been huge in the 70’s but just isn’t “groovy” anymore. And so it’s time to consider painting. A fresh coat of paint can offer many benefits to a residential exterior; it can protect and seal siding from weather and sun damage and can also boost resale value as well as curb appeal. The big question now is “who’s going to do it?”

Many homeowners opt to hire a professional licensed painting contractor, like College Pro Painters, to handle the job, while others choose the do-it-yourself route. There are definitely pros and cons to both options, and the best way to choose the path that works for your home is to be educated on your options.

One of the first considerations any homeowner should visit when evaluating a home painting project is the size of the job. Upon first glance a painting project may seem scalable, but there are more variables to consider than meet the eye. Priming an exterior for optimal painting conditions can involve many processes such as scraping old paint and thoroughly cleaning and power washing surfaces. This can be extremely labor intensive, especially when working with older homes and very damaged exteriors. Additionally, College Pro Painters warns that care must be taken when prepping residential exteriors; windows, doors, trim, lawn, porches and walkways must be carefully evaluated and protected prior to beginning any paint job to ensure that the products of your labor are the desired result.

Price is an obvious consideration in any home improvement job, and although a do-it-yourself job may seem less expensive on paper, there are hidden costs involved which must be accounted for. Paint alone may not seem like a huge expense, but when you begin to consider that you will need a primer, prepping tape, ladders, a variety of paint brushes and sprayers, and other tools, you will see your bottom line shooting up. Not to mention the most valuable asset of all; your time. Time is a precious commodity and while some may enjoy the challenging hours of outdoor labor, others see lost time as lost money.

At the end of the day, the choice to hire a professional painting contractor like College Pro Painters or do it yourself is an individual choice, and both have the potential to yield great results, but take a small piece of advice and explore all your home improvement options prior to committing to any option…happy painting!

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