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Aug 11

College Pro Painters offers Trim Painting Tips

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college pro paintersThink of the trim of your home as the “icing on the cake.” It stands out, showcases a homeowner’s attention to detail, and can really make or break any color scheme. Unfortunately, painting trim can be an arduous process; demanding hours of preparation and tedious detail painting. While the results are definitely worth the work, you can make the job that much easier with the right know.

College Pro Painters is the premier student-lead painting company in North America and Canada. In business since 1971, College Pro has the skills and experience to help you with any residential exterior painting project, including trim painting. Here’s a handy list of tips and tricks from College Pro regarding trim painting that can help make your newest painting project easy and painless.

College Pro Painters recommends that if you’ve recently replaced the caulking around your windows or doors to make sure the caulking is dry prior to painting over it.  And when you are painting caulk, be sure to use enough paint to create a protective seal around doors and windows. This will protect interiors from insects, rain and wind.

The best way to avoid getting unwanted paint on doors and screens is to remove them altogether. Not only will this protect them, you can use this time to make minor repairs you’ve been putting off, such as mending rips and tears in screens or repainting and refinishing wood doors. When painting doors, College Pro recommends starting with the panels first, then rails, and finally the edges.

Gutters and downspouts made of galvanized metal can pose a problem for the energetic do-it yourselfer. These tough spots are often very dirty and worn down and require additional prepping prior to adding paint. These elements should be scraped with a wire brush to remove loose paint and then primed and painted. When painting downspouts, College Pro recommends painting in the direction of the flutes, which is generally top to bottom. For an added layer of protection coat the inside of your homes gutters with asphalt based paint. This will waterproof the gutters and seal any holes or cracks you may have, this potentially adding years of use to your gutters. This is especially useful in climates with high amounts of yearly rainfall and precipitation.

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