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Jun 15

College Pro Helps You Choose The Best Painting Colors for Summer

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College Pro Helps You Choose The Best Painting Colors for SummerLead the home improvement parade in your neighborhood this summer by painting your home’s exterior. Any homeowner interested in maintaining and enhancing their property value wants to keep up with home innovations, and paint is one of the most affordable and noticeable home improvement options. Summer is the perfect time to paint your home’s exterior. As you heat up the barbecue in the backyard, and gaze at your home beneath the afternoon sun, you might picture ocean-blue exterior trim encasing the windows and doors. Before you invest in an exterior paint job, gather color ideas in your area. Strolling around your neighborhood is a good way to discover new color schemes, and as you list your top choices, there are a few things to consider before deciding on an exterior paint color.

A color scheme allows homeowners to put a creative thumbprint on their property. Color adds character to your home. You want to choose a combination that expresses your individuality without standing out too much in your neighborhood. Part of increasing your property value means making improvements that work to enhance your neighborhood. Summer is the perfect time to comb your area for color options. You may also encounter neighbors in the painting process you can talk to about exterior paint. There are several factors to consider beyond color.

The type of siding on your home influences your paint choices. Stucco, wood, and metal surfaces all demand unique paint products. Weather also plays a part in the paint selection process. Homes exposed to bright sun and high temperatures will need a paint that can endure the harsh elements. The same holds true for the side of your home facing south. While summer may have you thinking about bright colors, if your home spends a significant part of the year basking in the sun, you should choose a light color for the exterior. This is where a professional painter comes in handy. Contact a professional service provider, such as College Pro, to walk you through this process. The good news is you don’t have to completely forgo color; consider painting the exterior trim and your front door with the vibrant colors of summer.

Purchase quality paint products. Painting your home’s exterior is an investment you want to last. Low-quality paint doesn’t hold its color, may not adhere properly and can be difficult to clean. With consumers increasingly focused on eco friendly solutions, you might also look into some of the new innovations in exterior paint. Quality paint is now available without the volatile organic compounds (VOC) traditionally found in paint, and many painting companies are in tune with these latest trends. Professionals, such as College Pro, are certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to perform painting.

Painting is a fun summer project. Focusing on uniform brush strokes while the sun warms your back and the birds sing can be enjoyable, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. A good paint job requires multiple skills sets as well as unwavering patience. For most homeowners, the most relaxing way to address your home’s exterior painting needs is with long neighborhood walks to gather exterior painting tips. Once you’ve identified your favorites, hand your research to professionals, such as College Pro, and head to the beach!

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