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Oct 15

Choosing Your Ideal Contractor: College Pro Painters

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By: Matt Xhignesse

Choosing Your Ideal Contractor - College Pro PaintersSpring begins to peek around the corner. The sun is warming the air, and trees are beginning to bud. You step out onto your front porch and take in the fresh air, smiling as your mind turns to the warm weather that is surely coming your way. Just then, your eyes start scanning the porch, the stairs, your front door. “Gee…there’s more chipped paint around here that I forgot about.” It’s about now that you think about sprucing up your home to refresh its look, much like spring is refreshing the world. You make the decision – I’m going to paint the house this summer!


However, there’s a problem: you’ve never painted your house before, and you certainly don’t have the time this summer to give it your full attention. As you look around your neighborhood, you see a few signs perched about on lawns and on telephone poles. There are painters galore who would love to paint your home. So…who do you choose? Who is the best choice?


It is a decision that ultimately lies with you. Choosing a contractor, like one of the hardworking students of College Pro Painters, boils down to an emotional choice. Do you trust this person? Do they appear to be responsible? One advantage that you will find with College Pro is that, unlike the stereotype of the “absent contractor” who leaves a job on a whim, College Pro’s franchisees are most often students learning about the business world. Such a contractor is really in no position to benefit from the work if they leave something unfinished, as they are hurting their learning. A College Pro student manager is already in the learning mindset, so you can be sure that they are willing to take the time to do things right.


How about the matter of quality? Can a young and relatively new College Pro team really deliver the job quality that you’re looking for? College Pro Painters and franchisees are given ample theoretical and on-site training, and will not finish a job until you are completely satisfied, so you can be sure that a quality paint job is guaranteed. Though they may be younger and fresher than some contractors, their drive is equally fresh, and their energy has proven time and again that they can deliver results…and have fun doing it!


All in all, College Pro Painters is a contractor you can trust. They are contractors who you can bank on to deliver. And in this ever-changing world, College Pro teaches the younger generation how to work, and do it right for everyone involved. This summer, choose College Pro Painters to paint your home – they won’t disappoint.



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