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May 29

Can I Trust College Pro with My Home?

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A lot of customers ask themselves if they could trust College Pro Window Cleaning with their home.  This is a great question to ask nowadays.  There is so much competition in the home services industry that it is often hard to know who toCan I Trust College Pro with My Home trust.  College Pro Window Cleaning does a few things to really differentiate ourselves from our competition, including providing customers with a quality guarantee, asking for customer input and feedback on every job, and putting our franchisees through rigorous customer service excellence training.  It is important to us at College Pro Window Cleaning that we treat our customers’ homes as if they were our own.


When we complete a job for our customer, we provide a quality guarantee.  Our guarantee is that if a customer is not happy with the work that we do, we will keep working until we have made the customer happy.  Although we are not perfect, as we are human and sometimes make mistakes, what differentiates College Pro Window Cleaning from other home service companies is that we fix the mistakes we make.  We have a dedicated call center to help ensure that our customers’ concerns are addressed quickly, ensuring our customers get the quality job they are looking for.


College Pro reviews from customers are also very important to us.  We encourage our customers to provide feedback and input on all jobs.  They can do this a number of ways:  by calling our call center, providing feedback directly to the franchisee, completing our end of job customer survey, or by completing an online survey and feedback form.  College Pro reviews all the feedback, and we diligently follow up with franchisees to continually improve the service that we provide.


At College Pro Window Cleaning we also ensure our student franchisees go through rigorous customer service excellence training.  For us this means doing our best to go above and beyond for you.  It means ensuring not only that you have a great window cleaning job completed, but that the service we provide you is top notch.  We love to help in any way we can.  If there are other things on a job that you feel we can do to help you, we are always happy to do whatever we can.  At the end of a job we encourage a walk around of the job to ensure your expectations have been met!  We are also more than eager to receive College Pro reviews from the customer at that time.


For us at College Pro Window Cleaning, it is important to not only do the above, but to ensure we are doing all the little things, like removing our shoes when we enter a home, watching the gardens to ensure all the flowers are protected, and leaving the yard in better shape than when we found it.  These are the things that we do at our own home, and we expect our franchisees to do at our customers’ homes.  You can trust us to do a great job, and treat your home as if it was our own.

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