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Jun 16

Collge Pro Painters And New Innovations in Exterior Paint

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Collge Pro Painters And New Innovations in Exterior PaintToday’s savvy consumers are increasingly on the lookout for eco friendly products and solutions. This holds true for paint products as well as painting service providers. As in many industries, new innovations in exterior paint are addressing consumer demands. Homeowners can now make an impact in three areas of the painting process. They can choose environmentally friendly products, recycle and dispose of waste properly, and choose an eco friendly painting company.

Eco friendly paint products now line hardware store shelves. There are even “zero-emission” paints that are free of the volatile organic compound (VOC) that produce a variety of health-related problems. When choosing an eco friendly product, look for one of the three most recognized green certifications: Green Seal, EcoLogo and Design for the Environment by the Environmental Protection Agency. In addition to the new green paint products on the market, latex-based paint is friendlier to the environment than oil-based paint. Beyond product selection, how you deal with leftover paint products also has an impact on the environment.

Recycling and disposing of waste responsibly has a significant effect on the environment. To prevent excessive waste, measure the area you intend to paint, and purchase just the amount of paint necessary. If you are left with paint that you don’t want to store, take it to a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection center. Or call HHW for advice on how to dispose of latex versus oil-based paint as well as paint thinner, turpentine and mineral spirits. Pouring paint down the drain or dumping in a landfill harms the environment.

Eco friendly painting companies are becoming more and more common. Professional painting services, such as College Pro Painters, keep up with the latest industry standards. College Pro Painters is certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to perform painting. What’s more, they adhere to eco friendly steps throughout the painting process. From selecting to cleaning up paint products, College Pro Painters follows green standards. Because painting your home’s exterior is a truly arduous task, most homeowners will contract a professional painting service. To protect our environment, it is important to select a painting company that is a frontrunner in the green movement.

New innovations in exterior paint abound. From green products to environmentally friendly recycling and disposal options to eco friendly painting services, consumers have options. You can choose any exterior color you want while still keeping green as your top choice.

Jun 15

College Pro Helps You Choose The Best Painting Colors for Summer

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College Pro Helps You Choose The Best Painting Colors for SummerLead the home improvement parade in your neighborhood this summer by painting your home’s exterior. Any homeowner interested in maintaining and enhancing their property value wants to keep up with home innovations, and paint is one of the most affordable and noticeable home improvement options. Summer is the perfect time to paint your home’s exterior. As you heat up the barbecue in the backyard, and gaze at your home beneath the afternoon sun, you might picture ocean-blue exterior trim encasing the windows and doors. Before you invest in an exterior paint job, gather color ideas in your area. Strolling around your neighborhood is a good way to discover new color schemes, and as you list your top choices, there are a few things to consider before deciding on an exterior paint color.

A color scheme allows homeowners to put a creative thumbprint on their property. Color adds character to your home. You want to choose a combination that expresses your individuality without standing out too much in your neighborhood. Part of increasing your property value means making improvements that work to enhance your neighborhood. Summer is the perfect time to comb your area for color options. You may also encounter neighbors in the painting process you can talk to about exterior paint. There are several factors to consider beyond color.

The type of siding on your home influences your paint choices. Stucco, wood, and metal surfaces all demand unique paint products. Weather also plays a part in the paint selection process. Homes exposed to bright sun and high temperatures will need a paint that can endure the harsh elements. The same holds true for the side of your home facing south. While summer may have you thinking about bright colors, if your home spends a significant part of the year basking in the sun, you should choose a light color for the exterior. This is where a professional painter comes in handy. Contact a professional service provider, such as College Pro, to walk you through this process. The good news is you don’t have to completely forgo color; consider painting the exterior trim and your front door with the vibrant colors of summer.

Purchase quality paint products. Painting your home’s exterior is an investment you want to last. Low-quality paint doesn’t hold its color, may not adhere properly and can be difficult to clean. With consumers increasingly focused on eco friendly solutions, you might also look into some of the new innovations in exterior paint. Quality paint is now available without the volatile organic compounds (VOC) traditionally found in paint, and many painting companies are in tune with these latest trends. Professionals, such as College Pro, are certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to perform painting.

Painting is a fun summer project. Focusing on uniform brush strokes while the sun warms your back and the birds sing can be enjoyable, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. A good paint job requires multiple skills sets as well as unwavering patience. For most homeowners, the most relaxing way to address your home’s exterior painting needs is with long neighborhood walks to gather exterior painting tips. Once you’ve identified your favorites, hand your research to professionals, such as College Pro, and head to the beach!

Jun 14

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Window Cleaner Like College Pro

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College ProPutting on sunglasses that have just been wiped clean reminds you of how nice it is to experience the world through crystal clear lenses. No longer distracted by a cloudy film or spots, you admire your environment with a new clarity. If it were as simple to clean the windows in your home as it is to return your glasses to a like-new condition, most homeowners would keep it on their regular home maintenance routine. Windows are important because they are often the centerpiece of a home’s façade. Admiring a meticulously landscaped garden through clean screens and sparkling glass is much more enjoyable. With the help of a professional window cleaning service, such as College Pro Window Cleaning, you can add windows to your cleaning to-do list. Professional window cleaning services also offer several hidden benefits.

Which cleaning solution you purchase and how you apply it affects the end result. Numerous window cleaning products line store shelves. You can purchase cleaners for both the inside and the outside of a window. The trick is how to use the product so that you are left with a streak-free window. Outdoor window-cleaning products, which attach to a garden hose, rinse and soap large picture windows, but spots often persist if you don’t follow up with a squeegee. This may require using a ladder. The outcome is also influenced by the technique used when employing the squeegee as well as the time of day. Companies such as College Pro employ trained window technicians.

Using improper equipment can hinder the window cleaning process and put your safety in jeopardy. Cleaning floor-to-ceiling decorative windows are a challenge. While it may be tempting to perch on the edge of a sofa to reach as high as possible, this won’t effectively clean the window. More importantly, it is an accident waiting to happen. Professional window cleaners come equipped with the right tools to do the job. Choose a service provider, such as College Pro Window Cleaning, that is a member of the Better Business Bureau and ensures employees go through safety training.

Professional window cleaning services extend far beyond delivering streak-free windows. Window-cleaning technicians also clean screens and window sills. After a professional cleaning, you may find that the window that got stuck half way up its track, now easily slides to the top.

Window cleaning influences the way you experience your home from the inside and the outside. It also protects your investment. Professional window cleaning protects the window frames and the exterior trim from early wear and tear. It also helps identify cracking in its early stages. Left unrepaired, cracks can lead to water intrusion and mold problems. Adding a professional window-cleaning service to your home upkeep schedule is a benefit that outweighs the cost. Service providers such as College Pro Window Cleaning offer affordability and quality.

Jun 13

Startup Financing- A Tricky Step

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College Pro successGraduating from business school gives people the tools and foundational knowledge to manage a business. But it doesn’t guarantee success. Because of a high failure rate, securing financing is difficult. You have to demonstrate that you can manage money before someone hands it out. Studies show that the average entrepreneur, between thirty and fifty years old, fails at a rate of 60-80%. This means that six to eight individuals in ten will try to start a business and not succeed. Among the reasons for failure, studies cite the lack of a business coach, inadequate financial knowledge, and not knowing your target market. The good news is that College Pro can help you earn the practical experience your formal education can’t provide.

There are a handful of employers willing to give you the freedom to learn the ins-and-out of running your own business. Managing a College Pro Painter’s franchise allows you to balance work with school. The experience can give you the valuable business expertise you need to secure financing for a startup in the future. The personal skills honed along the way are an added benefit. A former College Pro Painters franchisee based in Northern Colorado achieved just that.

“I was attending school full time and working full time at Texas Roadhouse. I had no money as a Freshman or Sophomore. I was working two jobs just to pay for school and the mortgage on my home. I always wanted to run a business, but could not see any feasible way to get the “real” experience I would need to convince someone that I could turn their money into real profit…Thanks to a bit of luck and good faith, College Pro fell into my lap and I got to fulfill my dream as a twenty-year-old College student.”

The benefits of managing a College Pro franchise extend beyond earning a steady income. It’s the real-life experience you cull from taking on the responsibility of managing a small business on your own.

“I ran a business and learned how to finance myself for the rest of my life.”

College Pro franchisees have an entrepreneurial blood coursing through their veins. The application process can help you determine if accepting the challenge of being a business franchisee is for you. It’s not an easy task, but it is a rewarding one.

“I also learned that if you put your mind to it you can accomplish a lot more than you think. I learned how to lead people, manage finances, deal with customers, sell myself, manage my priorities, schedule my time, build a network, balance personal/work/school/family time appropriately. Most importantly I took control of my future, paid for school, invested in my home, invested in myself, and am on the path to retire by the time I am 35. I do not know how I will do this, I just know that through the hard work ethic and personal potentials I realized through College Pro I will be much closer to this goal!”

Jun 9

Great Summer Job Ideas From College Pro

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Job and internship opportunities fill university newspapers when summer rolls around. While most of us want to take a break and have a great time, building work experience and earning money are also high priorities. With College Pro, you can have all three. Painting is a demanding job that requires a lot of patience, but working together with a team of other young adults to accomplish a common goal can be rewarding. You will not only gain valuable business experience, but also develop your resume by identifying your core competencies. Your personal strengths stand out in the face of new challenges. When you know what they are―strong interpersonal skills, good time management or the ability to organize a heavy workload―you can focus on developing them. College Pro can make this challenge fun.

Business majors and overachievers might want a rigorous summer challenge. If running your own business sounds like an opportunity you’re ready to accept, consider applying to become a College Pro franchise manager. Different from the various internships available to college students throughout the summer months, College Pro offers you the chance to earn money. For many young entrepreneurs, this is an important motivating factor. Be prepared to undergo a lengthy interview process as well as a demanding training program. College Pro strives to set young entrepreneurs up for success. Making sure you’re prepared to meet the challenge is an important step in the process.

If you’re looking for more of a work/play balance, apply to work as a College Pro painter. Painting offers more benefits than meets the eye. For people eager to enjoy the summer sun, painting allows you to spend the day outdoors. The new friends we make during summer breaks often turn into lasting friendships. As a College Pro painter, you’ll be collaborating with many young adults on a daily basis. When the day is over, most painters won’t need to go home and study. Celebrating a successful day at work is one of the benefits of participating in the working world. After surveying a job well-done with your colleagues, you can head to the beach to catch sunset or to the pizza parlor for a slice of pie. It won’t be all on-the-job fun.

Contact College Pro or talk to a career counselor at your university to see which position most closely meets your needs.

May 26

Marketing Strategies For College Pro Painters And Other Small-scale Franchises

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Marketing Strategies For College Pro Painters College student seeking small business opportunities can opt for owning a small franchise like College Pro Painters, an exterior painting franchise managed by student franchisees. College Pro Painters delivers dual benefits since it gives affordable home painting services and provides college students a once in a lifetime experience that will benefit them in their future careers.

No franchise can become a success without an effective marketing strategy. College Pro Painters operates by word of mouth, through online social media and through local postings in the paper. However, to market the services that the franchise offers, several strategies are needed. These include focusing on the local market, offering incentives and promos, and strengthening community ties.

Because college students are the franchisees, painters and painting contractors, the business thrives well in university and college towns. Franchises can also attract customers by offering promos and discounts, especially to loyal customers or to university staff.

Visibility in the local market is extremely important. An aspiring painting entrepreneur can achieve this in many ways, like volunteering to do the local gym’s paint job or painting the campus benches. This serves as positive advertising and establishes the business as a visible fixture in the community.

For most aspiring entrepreneurs, turning a small-scale business, even a tried-and-tested franchise like College Pro Painters, into a success can be difficult. A successful enterprise is often a result of focus, hard work and the right mix of marketing strategies. Building a local reputation by offering promos, performing philanthropic services, and focusing on the local community as a potential pool of customers can help any small-scale franchise such as College Pro Painters succeed.

May 24

Eco-Friendly Choices For College Pro Painters

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Eco-Friendly Choices For College Pro PaintersConsideration for the environment has never been promoted at the level that is taking place today. As the people of the world learn how damaging some of their choices can be to the planet, they begin to rethink the way that they do things. Maintaining a healthy planet is an issue for government, business, consumers, and individuals. College Pro Painters is setting a good example for the small business operations by promoting environmental awareness in their day to day activities. There are many ways that people can do their part in helping to reduce the impact of their actions.

College Pro Painters make a consistent effort, when planning a painting project, to calculate precisely how much paint they will need to complete the work. This reduces the amount of product that will have to be manufactured, shipped and disposed of later.

Proper disposal is another way the College Pro Painters reduce their environmental impact. Proper disposal of paint products is necessary for keeping potentially harmful toxins out of ground water and soil. This will reap benefits both to humans and to wildlife alike.

Small business is in a great position to promote environmental protection programs. They have fewer people involved in the company policy-making decisions and are able to immediately implement new programs. While larger companies overall create larger reduction, they are much slower at making these changes happen. Small businesses can make a big impact on the environment, and College Pro Painters is leading the way!

May 22

Cost Effective Advertising is Essential for Any College Pro Business Owner

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Cost Effective Advertising is Essential for Any College Pro Business OwnerCost-effective marketing is essential for any beginning College Pro business owner. Relatively limited economic resources often present a “catch-22,” however. The same business sub-segment most in need of effective advertising is least able to afford it. Luckily, solutions to this situation abound all over cyberspace.

Social network advertising is a common example. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace provide free advertising through various media. Facebook “Like” buttons and Fan Walls are excellent means of enormous exposure that do not cost a single dime. Referrals grow exponentially as the masses view remarks of satisfied customers en masse.

Periodically submitting your site’s URL to all major search engines bolsters your business exposure and visibility greatly. The best part of all is that does not cost you a penny.

In today’s Information Age, the operative advertising catchwords are “informational content.” Well-written words are guaranteed traffic-generators for your College Pro website. Locate and liberally use no-cost keyword suggestion tools. Keep your site’s textual content current to ensure that you are maintaining maximum efficiency of key words and phrases.

Typical College Pro entrepreneurs just commencing their commercial ventures may find professional SEO services cost-prohibitive. Free online article directories exist to full your budgetary and textual voids. Many directory sites even permit ongoing contact with original sources of especially helpful content so that you will not ever miss getting the latest lingo promptly pasted onto your webpage.

List your full business bio online at,, and other online business listing services. Google ads are another great way to go for generating high business volume through. Prospective customers are never more than one click away from their next coat of fresh paint. Keep track of your site’s “hit” rate with free online tools. Overall ranks are easily accessible with other similar internet-based implements.

Do not forget to maintain your hard-won business success with the highest standards of customer service. Putting College Pro customers first is your best long-term marketing strategy. With many satisfied tongues wagging with maximum word-of-mouth momentum, your business success will know no bounds.

May 20

College Pro Creates Value When Painting Your Home

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College Pro Creates Value When Painting Your HomeEvery homeowner wants the value of his or her investment to improve over time. With their professionally trained team of painters, College Pro can help make this happen. Home painting projects are one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase the value of your home. By giving your home an improved look and a fresh new design, the aesthetic value of your property will go up.

Painting contractors, like College Pro, do more than just change your home’s appearance. Painters also replace worn out caulking sealers around windows and doors. These are standard practices for painters during the preparation phase of the painting job. This helps to improve the overall finished product and restores a home back to its original condition.

Besides the minor repairs and improvement to window and door sealants, fresh paint acts as a protective layer for the materials they are covering. As paint ages, especially exterior paints, its ability to provide resistance to weathering and climate conditions begins to break down. New paint is an excellent way to protect the building materials used to construct your home. College Pro will remove any chipping paint surfaces and replace that with fresh new paint that will stand up to the conditions once again.

While it may be assumed that all College Pro has to offer is a new appearance, they can do so much more to add value to your home. Window and door caulking wears out over time, yet it keeps your trim dry and strong. Paint protects other building materials by providing a layer of sealant. The minor repairs that cause nail holes in drywall and chipped casing materials to disappear, they all help to make your home more valuable.

May 18

College Pro Painters And Services

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College Pro Painters And ServicesImagine you step outside on a beautiful summer day, only to see that the sun has faded the side of your house.  Looking around your property, it turns out that several sides need cleaning and the windows are too dirty to see outside!  Perhaps you do not have the time needed for a proper painting and cleaning job, or perhaps you simply do not want to bother with the frustrations and aches associated with exterior renovation.  Yet, for countless homeowners, the only choice for contractors is too expensive or takes too long.  Luckily, there is a new, affordable choice for home maintenance with College Pro Painters and Window Cleaning.

While a traditional painting or cleaning crew will demand a lengthy schedule along with a hefty paycheck, College Pro Painters and Window Cleaning takes a different tack for their customers.  Rather than overcharge for unionized labor and restrict the hours available to finish the job on your house, College Pro allows individual college students looking for work experience to potentially earn a great wage and buff  up their resumes by opening a franchise.  Those who do franchise a College Pro Painters or Window Cleaning crew often have a far better pay rate than many of their student contemporaries, and also gain reputation as superior workers and leaders.  Best of all for you — they paint and clean your windows for a fraction of the cost of other contractors!

Franchise managers of a College Pro Painters unit work according to a strict guideline of business ethics and values.  Unlike other contractors who simply work for the profit margin, these franchisees are dedicated to not only provide superior service, but also to advertise by word of mouth.  And, their services are not limited to mere revenues, they also generously donate time and materials to local charity efforts and fundraisers. In the past decade, College Pro Painters have donated nearly a million dollars.